6 best reasons for leaks of Google Pixel 4


For keeping the buzz:

A lot of tech companies these days start teasing details about their upcoming Google Pixel smartphone launches months ahead of the actual launch date.

This, on one hand, reduces the focus on the buzz created by the tipsters, on the other hand, it helps in building a certain momentum among fans that make the event a grand success.

And so, the leaked image of Pixel 4 could actually be Google’s way of adopting a new strategy for keeping the buzz about Pixel 4 alive.

To control gossips:

The issue with the lead gadgets is that leaks and tips regularly uncover such huge numbers of insights regarding the smartphone that when an organization really releases the smartphone, it is frequently a disappointment.

This happened in the case of the Google Pixel 3 and this happened in the case of the Google Pixel 3a.

However, by giving an image of the Pixel 4, Google in a way is taking control of the narrative and giving fans and loyalists some good and juicy gossip.

Claim to not copy the iPhone:

The most popular theory is that Google wanted to get ahead of any accusations that it copied Apple and its next iPhone. For several months, the upcoming iPhone 11 has been rumored to have a square camera bump too.

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Because the iPhone is expected to come out in September and Pixel phones usually launch in October, it would be easy to conclude that Google copied Apple design.

To avoid such talk, Google could have decided to whip out the image early to say it had the design in mind long before the iPhone’s launch, knowing that Apple will remain tight-lipped about any iPhone features until September.

For showing powerfulness:

When Google announced the Pixel 3 last year, it was pretty much one of the most leaked phones at the time.

Most outlets already had a general idea about what the phone would look like and a lot of the rumored specs turned out to be accurate.

Google even managed to poke fun at this fact before Pixel 3’s launch. The same applied to the Pixel 3A.

Due to all the leaks, people got wind that Google was working on a mid-tier variant of the Pixel.

Forgiving rumor in the market:

Maybe Google wants to give rumors in the market for achieving good opinion about their product.

Because as we know in today marketing is the most powerful thing for selling anything at a good price and make a good profit.

Marketing strategies:

They want people to talk about it and ask questions about it (it is working) on the web and in social network sites like Facebook, this raises the profile of the device and the upcoming release event.

Although this will play out in favor of Google, I absolutely do not want tech companies to do this ever! Watching tech keynotes is like watching a Marvel film for me.

If companies totally ruin this experience by posting spoilers themselves, what about us geeks? How will we enjoy so many theories and predictions before the launch?

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