Apple Increase app Download Limit to 200MB on iPhones


It is sensible to own a security protocol that stops users from accidentally downloading limit an oversized file like an app or update over Mobile Data. However sometimes, the limit obligatory on downloading content over mobile data can prove to be a little too less. At least 150MB Download Limit looks like one.

Apple has apparently completed a similar and has raised the App Store’s mobile data download limit from 150MB to 200MB. What this implies is iPhone users will currently download apps or updates of up to 200MB in size from the App Store by using mobile data.

The last time Apple raised the downloading limit over mobile data was back in 2017, once the download cap was upped from 100MB to 150MB. The amendment came with the arrival of iOS 11, that also introduced a redesigned App Store. Before that, the standard apps downloading limit was 100MB ever since iOS 7 arrived.

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Apple has currently once more raised the App Store’s download limit over mobile data, simply earlier than WWDC 2019, where the company is predicted to carry the covers from iOS 13. We have tested the amendment and may confirm that the 200MB downloading limit is now live for iPhone users.

While Apple has not disclosed the rationale behind the rise download limit, it’s most likely due to apps growing in size over the years, aboard the size of updates for significant games which regularly cross that threshold. Whereas the increment is not too substantial, it is actually a welcome one.

We hope that Apple sometimes gets obviate the download limit in its entirety. In its place, Apple ought to implement a multi-step protocol to make sure that users do not accidentally download a massive file and burn a hole in their pocket with inflated data bills from their carrier.

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