Google Assistant can now read your third-party Applications


Google Assistant continues to be smart, even if it is to provide a ton of information to the organization. If it is all the same for your comfort then you will be satisfied to hear. It will now be able to respond to and exit messages from external applications such as WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram.

Google Assistant now read your messages

When you say ‘read my messages’ as an on-screen show. The supporting voice says what your new messages are and from which applications. It is at that point that it tells the latest message for everyone to listen and inquire. If you need to respond, which you can do with your voice. This is all quite clever.

Google Assistant will now be able to listen to and even reply to WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack messages for everyone. Although it also underlines the external correspondence applications since the hyper. It includes applications like GroupMe, Discord, Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp and more. To try this new component, customers need to start Google Assistant on their Android phone, and order the ‘Read my messages’.

You can see if this element works for you by instructing Google Assistant to start and ‘read my messages’. It is a guarantee that you have new messages that give assurances that this will work. Google Assistant will take the messages in a steady progression and read it so that anyone can listen. If you say ‘yes’, the message will be rendered unexpectedly. If the occurrence of a sound, video, or image should arise, the assistant will essentially say that ‘the message has sound/video/ or a picture’, and will not run the media for you.

When instant messaging is used anyone can listen, the assistant will ask you if you need to reply. You will then be able to speak on your message, and the assistant will convert it into content and send it to person.

This supporting element is currently visible on Android telephones and appears to have surfaced a few days ago. We also had the option of viewing it on our Android 9.0 pie-running telephone. Android Police was the first to report about it.

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This update was first noticed by Android Police, which noted that an assistant may already misunderstand Google’s hangouts or messages from the local SMS application on your telephone. Currently, you can say ‘read my messages’ to the assistant on your telephone and it will scratch messages from other information applications and enable you to view and answer them legitimately in the assistant application screen.

On a closed occasion relying on non-Google applications to notify. Finally, you can deal with all your applications without hands through Google Assistant.

The most effective way to use Google Assistant is to delete each of your messages from started applications:

At that time say “Hello Google” to Google Assistant to read my messages. You may need to allow alert access to Google applications on the off chance that you have not yet. You’ll see a card spring with the last message at that point, which Google Assistant will cut out loud.

It will tell you in the same way that this application originated from, and who is the sender. When you finish the work process, Google Assistant will give you the option to write or manage the answer.

Because of doing this, the appropriate response is sent and set aside apart from reading the first message.

When consent is in all realities, the assistant will show a card that will have the final content message and it can be used by anyone to tell it, which may include the sender’s name and the application that is being generated from it.

For some time, customers can work with writing only because of messages containing any type of media. Such as images, recordings or sound clasps are not open to Google Assistant. For such messages, the assistant would say “the message only has a sound connection”, for example, due to a sound clasp, and will not play it back.


Google has yet to declare this component officially and seeing that it is not accessible to everyone, the organization is revealing this utility because it looks fit.

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