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Instagram is a social platform launched on 6 October 2010. Joined the game later than the other giant social networks like Facebook ( launched in 2004) and Twitter (launched in 2006). But still instead of this Instagram has made himself a brand in the past 9 years.

This photo-sharing social media has a massive 1 billion active monthly users. While Facebook has only 2 billion active users. And it comes in the market much before than Instagram. On Instagram, every day, 100 million people uploaded their photos and stories. And has more than 200 million monthly advertisers active in a month.

This proves that this photo-sharing platform has come along way. Obviously, to make its app more user-friendly, the company regularly updates the app.

Now there have been many updates of Instagram in June. But here I am going to tell you about its latest update “Instagram rolling out new UI“. It makes it easy to unfollow users and many more. That will come in the market for both Android and ios.

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According to News, Instagram is rolling out UI tweaks for Android and IOS users. And promises to bring out an easy to use smooth design. According to the news, this new update will be made more accessible for people to unfollow unwanted accounts, messages contacts. It will help people to add a specific name to their close friend’s list.

Many of you can see a change in the interface of your updated Instagram. While may some of you may not be able to use a new interface even after updating the app.

According to news after the update, if you open a personal profile, then you will see the message. And follow button above the highlight bar. If you already follow a person and open there profile. Then click on the following button, It will open several options like Unfollow, add to friend list, mute and notification.

You can also customize notifications from that chat. While the mute button allows you to prevent that user’s post showing up in your feed.

Viewers can also see the modification in the Instagram business profile also. The edit, profile promotion, and contact button now placed at the above highlight bar. Also, there will be displayed an extra contact button alongside with follow and message button. That will show the call option and  Email id of the user if available.

Many Instagram fans and customers ask the company for verifying the news. That is about the new update of “Instagram rolling out new UI” on different platforms like Twitter. But to the there surprise company remains silent about the update news of Instagram.

Although, the company hasn’t verified the news of “Instagram rolling out new UI for both Android and IOS users”. Still, people are going crazy to see Instagram new updates. We will update our post as soon as we find further information about this Instagram update.

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