Google announced ‘Mobile-first indexing’ on their mobile versions


Google has declared that beginning July 1, all new websites would be analyzed and rank on search-based of ‘mobile-first indexing’ on their mobile versions.

‘Mobile-first indexing’ means that Google would think about the mobile version of any new website for evaluating, indexing and ranking the site, rather than the desktop version that was used primarily.

We are happy to announce that ‘mobile-first indexing’ is going to be enabled by default for all new, antecedently unknown to Google search websites. Beginning July 1, 2019, said John Mueller, Developer Advocate, Google, writes in a blog post on Tuesday.

For older and existing websites, Google would confirm their readiness for ‘mobile-first indexing’ supported. The parity of content including images, videos, text, links and structured data as well as different meta-data-like titles and descriptions.

We will inform them through the Search Console once they are seen as being prepared. Since the default state for new websites is going to be ‘mobile-first-indexing’. There isn’t any got to send a notification, Mueller said.

Google mentioned it’s pleased to ascertain that ‘mobile-first indexing’ has come back an extended manner.

We are happy to work out however the web has advanced from being targeted on a desktop to becoming into mobile-friendly. And currently, to being mostly crawlable and indexable with mobile user-agents, Muller mentioned.

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