Google CEO, Says we will never sell private info to third parties


Privacy has forever been one in every of the most sensitive topics to speak about in the technology sector. 2 of the top tech firms in the world Google and Apple are doing best in reassuring that their devices and services that collect your information, keep secure and are not ‘backdoor-ed’ to third parties.

Whereas Apple charges relatively a lot of for its products and services, most of Google services are free to use and Android smartphones less cost-effective. And this can be one thing that has been amplified by CEO Sundar Pichai in one of his write-ups for The New York Times.

Talking concerning privacy, Pichai targets Apple and says that privacy ought to be available to any or all and not solely those that purchase premium products. He says that privacy is for all. For us, which means privacy can’t be a ‘Luxury Good’ offered only to folks that will afford to shop premium products and services. The privacy should be equally available to everybody in the world, says CEO Sundar Pichai.

He goes on to mention however Android gives users the choice to share their information where they require and how they require. In the recent Google annual IO 2019 conference, the company showed however serious it if once it comes to security by introducing Incognito Mode in Google Maps as well. It’s already present in Google Chrome and YouTube.

Google CEO says that institutions and legislative bodies too have a significant role in making certain user’s info privacy. However, this can be one thing on that the company isn’t being entirely dependent. Legislation can help us work toward making certain that security protections are available to a lot of folks around the world. But we are not looking ahead to it.

We have got a responsibility to guide. And we have a tendency to do this in the same spirit we forever have, by providing products that make privacy a reality for everybody, concluded Sundar Pichai.


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