Think FaceApp is Scary? Other dangerous apps your phone have


FaceApp is Scary – A smartphone app “FaceApp” has gone viral that allows its users to make themselves look older by applying filters on to the selfies they upload. FaceApp has gone viral with a feature that makes its users look elderly, but experts say it may pose security concerns.

Yes, what you read is correct. Cybersecurity experts have proposed several red flags about FaceApp.

FaceApp is made by Wireless Lab, a small company based in Russia. According to its terms and conditions, the user photos could be used in unexpected ways.

It does not explain anything about how it safeguards user content stored on its servers.

The images uploaded to FaceApp services can be used by them in any way they want. They can splash your photos across a billboard to using it for advancing facial recognition technology. It may be stealing your personal information. It is also scary because it is developed by a Russian company.

Other apps on your phone may be dangerous for your phone. Some of the apps can collect the data from your phone, share your information, steal money from your bank account.

Here is a list of 5 dangerous apps that you should delete right now.

Weather Apps

Weather apps display weather forecasts to the user. These apps may have a lot of viruses stored in them. They may have a built-in Trojan that collects the data from the user’s phone and sends it to hackers and attackers who were interested in your credit card data. So, it’s better to uninstall the weather apps right now from your phone. As an alternative, you can check the weather forecast through a browser.

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Social Media

Social Media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat can be dangerous to your phone as they use a lot of battery and memory of your phone. So, you may find your smartphone lagging and slow. Hackers do not have anything to do with them. So, it’s better to uninstall these apps right now. As an alternative, you can use the mobile version of these apps in the browser rather than using the official apps.


The apps such as Clean Master, which claims that they can increase the amount of RAM of your smartphone are optimizers. They perform tasks like clearing the cache of your phone and deleting unused programs. They don’t make the system faster; instead, they slow it down. They also make the battery life shorter. These apps can easily collect the data from your phone and can send the data to anywhere without your concern. So, it is better to uninstall such optimizing apps as modern smartphones already have the optimizing function in their system.

Built-in browsers

The browsers that are already installed on the phone system “out of the box” are built-in browsers. These built-in browsers are mostly slow and not very popular. The built-in browsers are opened when you click a link on your phone. Unlike Google Chrome, built-in browsers do not have any protection from data interception. They slow down system performance. These applications also require access to many parts of the system. They require to allow a lot of permissions; this makes them very unsafe. So, it’s better to uninstall the built-in apps from your smartphone right now. As an alternative, you can use trusted apps like Google Chrome.

Antivirus program from unknown sources

Mobile antivirus applications started appearing when people started hacking phones and stealing personal information. Taking advantage of this, the attackers and hackers began developing their antivirus apps that can steal the user’s personal information and data and can do anything without the user’s concern. They can even completely block the phone. So, it’s better to uninstall such untrusted antivirus apps from your phone right now.

A considerable number of apps are developed every day. Google can’t even track and check the safety of all the new applications. So, you must be concern about the security of your device.

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