Without Social Media Forget your US Visa


“Without Social Media Forget your US Visa”

Now, you are thinking what does this even mean well actually the 3rd most powerful president of the world, Mr. Donald Trump now officially stated that if an applicant (a person who makes a formal application for something, especially a job) wants a US visa then he/she has to give his/her all social media information including their email address and phone number which will work at least 5 years more.

This means that if you want a job there then you have to give all of your information what you have (which is basically ridiculous). Of course, suppose you went to a carpentry shop and the interviewer says “Give the total amount of likes you having on your Instagram”! And if you are unable to answer then he will say “Leave”.

Really what does this even mean to give our ‘social media life’ information to someone it has nothing to do with our job. We don’t ask him to give his one own.

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US Department says that “We are constantly working to find mechanisms to improve our screening processes to protect US citizens while supporting legitimate travel to the United States,”.

In early years only those who want additional vetting will have to hand over his data, and there is no problem because of course, these applicants come over from that places which are being controlled by terrorist group so it is not a problem to check their social media because it can be a problem if they are not being careful.

But from now the applicants have to need to give up their account details of different social media platform which listed. Also, volunteer the details of their accounts on any sites not listed.

The US is really serious about this they don’t want any type of inconvenience if someone is not able to give it or is not accurate to it which can simply understand by one official who said that “(Anyone who lies about their social media use could face ‘serious immigration consequences’)”.

The US administration first proposed the rules in March 2018. But, at that time a civil rights group namely American Civil Liberties Union said that ”There is no evidence that such social media monitoring is effective or fair, and said it would cause people to self-censor themselves online.

At last, I will conclude that it is not necessary to fetch someone’s personal data as it has nothing to do with their job they should trust a bit to the persons as they are the normal residents of some country so it will be a question mark to that country if anything like that happens.

See I’m not opposed to it but I guess if this will be going on then people will shift their economic interest far from America.

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